Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS)
May 12, 2020
Caravan fees communication update
May 26, 2020



It’s fantastic to receive so many kind, constructive comments and compliments from so many of our fellow park owners.  

Thank you so very much for this and for joining us at NH&HPA.

As responsible holiday park owners throughout the UK, we fully support safety guidelines in the fight against Covid-19.

We are all aware that holiday parks are multi-faceted businesses.

NH&HPA suggests it is possible to gradually re-open them in a structured, responsible, timely manner without overwhelming our local communities and health service or putting staff and customers at risk. 

The opening of parks is dependent on how people conduct themselves and ‘stay alert’ during the next few weeks and into the second half of this year.

Boris Johnson has indicated that if the Covid-19 reproduction rate rises to unacceptable levels, he will have no hesitation in putting on the brakes.

Our focus in the meantime is to lobby for government support for the advancement our industry and plan for the re-opening of our parks. 

In an attempt to get things moving NH&HPA is proposing a five-phase opening scheme starting with access for Holiday Home Owner Occupiers (HHOO) as follows:

Phase 1           Access for Holiday Home Owner Occupiers (HHOO) of self-contained Static Caravans, Lodges and Seasonal Touring Caravans

Static Caravans, Lodges and Seasonal Tourers are spaced in accordance with the relevant legislation.  

In many cases these units are further apart than houses in towns and cities. 

The opening of parks to owners of these units allows them to use their accommodation in a similar way to their homes.  

They can confidently maintain social distancing while park owners can implement health & safety measures which will protect customers, staff, and the local community. 

The open grassed areas of holiday parks would be available for sun-bathing and games just as permitted in the English communal parks at present.  

Family members of each holiday home would be asked to observe social distancing guidelines with the occupants of neighbouring holiday homes.  

Priority given to these HHOO makes logical sense and rewards our customer’s capital contributions to the park and their commitment to the local area while continuing to adhere to Government guidelines. 

Phase 2           Access for Holiday Home Rental Occupiers (HHRO) of self-contained Static Caravans, Lodges and non-Seasonal Touring Caravans

Access to Letting Holiday Caravans, Lodges and non-Seasonal Touring Caravans and similar units would require strict cleaning regimes and compliance with health and safety requirements.

Phase 3           Access to Take Away facilities and Shops selling food stuffs and essentials

The re-opening of Take Away Outlets and Shops for food and essentials would require strict cleaning regimes, social distancing floor markings, appropriate signage and compliance with health and safety requirements.

Phase 4           Access for Tents, Glamping Pods and Shower Blocks

Holiday bookings for Tents, Glamping Pods with the use of Shower Blocks could be offered after all previous phases have proven successful and government guidelines allow.  

The obvious difficulty would be implementing health and safety cleaning procedures and potential complications arising from social distancing requirements.

Phase 5           Access to Bars, Restaurants, Games Rooms, Laundry Rooms

Because of the number of ‘pinch-points’, this is the most difficult area to provide health & safety cleaning and social distancing requirements for.


We should be proactive during the coming weeks by fine tuning our preparations for reopening and contacting our MP’s to promote/ press for the re-ignition of our sector. 

We need to:

  • ensure our businesses are Covid Compliant.
  • convince the government that our industry is Covid Secure.
  • do what is possible to overcome this Covid Crisis.

Our Government is not ready for us to open . . . . . . . 

But we must be ready for our Government.

By reopening our holiday parks responsibly and rebuilding the previously symbiotic relationship with our local communities, we can ensure that tourists and long term customers return for the sake our of businesses, our industry and their enjoyment. 

The start of the summer holidays is our opportunity to build confidence in our sector and produce income sufficient to navigate the sparse winter months.  

We can re-emerge next year with improved prospects, given the likely reluctance of holiday makers to go overseas.

We intend to send out our detailed 5-phase plan this Thursday which can be easily tailored to best represent your holiday park and your circumstances.

In advance of our email on Thursday it might be useful to obtain the contact details of your MP which can be found by searching:

‘Constituencies-MPs and Lords-UK Parliament’

For your assistance we respectfully supply the following contacts for your consideration:

For FREE printable Cornavirus signage search ‘free printable coronavirus signs’ or go to www.signs.com and look for the Coronavirus section.

For hand sanitiser and 500 mil hand pumps you may want to consider contacting David at Cleaning Supplies 4U on 01475 339141 and/or email david@cleaningsupplies4u.com

We are informed that the 500 mil hand pump sanitiser bottles are £6 each and refill 70% Alcohol Hand Gel Sanitiser is available at £32 + VAT (not £36 as advertised on their website).

Shirley at Arleigh informs us that face masks will be available in about three weeks, as will face visors.  

The face masks are around £10 for a pack of 5 and the visors £5 each plus VAT. 

Both are in short supply.  

Contact Shirley on 02476 390100 or email shirley.herbert@arleigh.co.uk

For the maximum benefit of our industry we would urge you to pass this email to as many Park owners as possible.

Join us at NH&HPA so we may continue to represent your interests during this difficult time and into the future.