The irreversible one-way road to freedom

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February 18, 2021
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March 2, 2021

The irreversible one-way road to freedom

As responsible park owners, we are all aware that holiday parks are multi-faceted businesses and their gradual re-opening in a structured, timely manner without overwhelming local communities and the health service is paramount.

You will recall that in May 2020, NHHPA submitted a five-phase reopening scheme which was endorsed and implemented by both the Welsh  and Scottish  Governments.

In addition, NHHPA was careful last year, and indeed this year not to pester or harass MP’s so as to adversely affect the patience of the Government and once again this approach seems to have paid dividends.

You will no doubt now have heard that Boris Johnson has today announced a formula which reflects the reopening programme we submitted last year.

As the weather improves; the number of vaccinations increase, and the present lockdown and social distancing rules contribute ever more to a positive irreversible one-way road to freedom, we have pleasure in providing a reminder of our five-phase plan:


Phase 1         Access for Holiday Home Owner Occupiers (HHOO) of self-contained Static Caravans, Lodges and Seasonal Touring Caravans

Phase 2         Access for Holiday Home Rental Occupiers (HHRO) of self-contained Static Caravans, Lodges and non-Seasonal Touring Caravans

Phase 3         Access to Take Away facilities and Shops selling food stuffs and essentials

Phase 4         Access for Tents, Glamping Pods and Shower Blocks

Phase 5         Access to Bars, Restaurants, Games Rooms, Laundry Rooms

Access to the majority of the above is expected from 12 April while there will be elements that will have to wait until the middle of May and the programme for reopening will ultimately depend on:

1                    The vaccination programme continuing as planned

2                    Vaccinations reducing deaths and hospital treatment

3                    Hospital admissions continuing to reduce

4                    New variants of the virus not altering the risk of reopening